A Simple Process to Increase Revenues and Build Your Business

Business Advisory Services

A strategic business advisory process to increase revenues and build your business.


  • Step 1: Stop! The Assessment

    The business owner will be provided with a simple business planning assessment that takes little time to complete. The information garnered from this will determine business challenges, areas for improvement, acknowledge areas of the business that are working, and identify new business outcomes and goals.

    Rather than tackling the big picture, the feedback from this assessment will provide starting points in all areas of your new living business plan; from systems to operations, sales and marketing, human resources planning, and financial practices.

    Working with your Premier Business Advisor is just like deciding to take up running. If you have never been a runner, you don’t suddenly decide to become a marathon runner. First, you need to learn how to run. You may want to hire a running coach, attend a running clinic, and start running in 10 minute increments, walking in between for 10 minutes, in order to build up strength. It is the same with your business. Change needs to come in small but effective increments.

  • Step 2: Look! The Identify and Plan

    Working in one-hour sessions, your Premier Business Advisor becomes part of your Workplace Think Tank, working alongside the owner, and if applicable, with other identified support team members. The results of the assessment will be reviewed in terms of what’s working, identifying best practices, and translating that work into new departmental plans. After further debriefing, a structured  plan will be created; identifying small but effective tasks to begin working on that will have the greatest impact on 5 key areas of the business. Responsibilities, dates for completion, and outcomes for reporting will also be identified at this time.

  • Step 3: Listen! The Implementation

    In twice-monthly, one-hour sessions (or more as required), and working with an agenda and an agreed upon Task List, highly efficient telephone meetings are held. The Workplace Think Tank Team, comprised of your Premier Business Advisor, the business owner and if applicable, other team members, will celebrate accomplishments, identify roadblocks that are getting in the way of progress on tasks, brainstorm solutions to challenges, and work with an agenda to keep the projects moving forward. ‘Accountability’ plays a big part in the role of the Business Advisor during the Implementation Stage. In addition to acting as a sounding board and advisor, consistent meetings ensure action is taken.

    What are the benefits to working with a Premier Business Advisor in such a structured and consistent manner? The results speak for themselves: increased revenue and a more profitable business. There will be far less firefighting from the owner and employees. Everyone will know what is expected, when and by whom. Everyone works to their strengths and skills. The company will be ready for growth with improved efficiency in everyday systems, improved customer service, and organized and consistent human resource practices. You will be ready to hire and create a positive company culture.

What Clients Say

My name is Glenn Wallace and I recently started a home renovation company in the Fraser Valley. Aside from being in construction, I also spent many years in facilities maintenance where my job was not only to care for the infrastructure, but to serve people.

In 2017 I attended one of Pamela’s training seminars. Pamela was engaging of her audience and there were many questions for her throughout the day. The information she was teaching was awesome and I especially found her answers of the audience’s questions very informative.


The seminar was not only interesting, but very relevant to what I needed to hear for sustaining and growing my newly formed business. Pamela’s thoughts on how to streamline the day to day activities and how to build a business were spot on. I have also met with Pamela separately and received even more great ideas which I am hoping to implement very soon.

When looking for better and more efficient ways of running and growing my business, I often refer to her advice, thanks Pamela.

Glenn Wallace
Basements Plus Renovations

Thank you Pamela for educating me on the most important components of building a solid business plan. I gained a clear perspective though your questions, our conversations and a directive approach. I am now driven to maximize the potential for myself and my business. You gave me clarity, structure, confidence and all the tools necessary to further grow my business and be successful. What an eye opener this has been!

I will highly recommend your services to anyone starting up or expanding their business!

Gillian K, Owner, Purple Mango Spa, Abbotsford, British Columbia


Scott Clark - Reno Hot Tub

Prior to working with Pamela, we were experiencing a period of growth without a plan. We knew that we needed help unlocking the potential of our company and of our staff to grow in a responsible fashion and at a higher rate than our industry as a whole. Manufacturers training could only take us so far and tends to be geared towards sales, not what happens after the sale. No one vendor has the knowledge to help us with our entire diversified business. We have reached out to those in other industries with similar structures for guidance with limited success. We decided that we needed to build our own processes and structure in a way that suits our business.


Pamela has helped us set up outcome based solutions. With her help, we have set up the systems and processes to better equip our staff with the knowledge, training and accountability to succeed. Since we started working with Pamela, our Staff has almost doubled and our Sales growth over the last 3-year period was enough to earn us a position on the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Companies.

One of the best things about working with Pamela, is the regular meetings. They allow us and at the same time, force us to focus on the tasks we have given ourselves to complete. The encouragement, strategies for success and the positive reinforcement she gives us has helped our team immensely.

We sometimes feel we are not making as much progress as we would like. That’s when Pamela is at her best. She gently reminds us, where we were and how far we have come and that we are making this progress all while still running the business and doing our day to day duties. The Results are undeniable. Using the right business advisor has helped guide us and keep us focused on the task at hand. For us, that is becoming a better organization.

Working with Pamela has been a delight. She is thorough, kind and is always encouraging us, no matter how off track we think we may be. Over the past couple of years, she has given us the guidance and support to innovate and stretch what we thought was possible.

Scott Clark, The Spa & Sauna Co. of Reno
Inc. Magazine 2016 Top 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in the United States.

I was gearing up to take a big leap forward with my company and needed help articulating my strategy, determining priorities, and streamlining our business systems. I’ve tried hard in the past to bring order to our marketing and operations through trial and error (lots of error!) but always wound up tangled in the same confusion and overwhelm. Pamela has been instrumental in getting me unstuck and moving forward.

Pamela was invaluable in guiding me through an important new hire. She has also helped me to clarify my marketing strategy for the coming year, and putting together a clear implementation plan to reach my goals. She always makes me feel that I’ve got a friendly and trustworthy ally, as well as a source of guidance and practical support.

Maggie Langrick

I finally feel like I am making real progress instead of moving in circles. I love having a sounding board when it’s time to make decisions. She has an amazing network, so through her I have access to all the resources and advice I might need.

Be very clear about what you hope to get out of the relationship, even if “clarity” is itself your goal. When you’re ready to make some big changes, hiring a coach or advisor is a great way to crank up the heat.

Maggie Langrick
LifeTree Media

Steven Croner

Pamela has the ability and expertise to understand where each one of here clients are in business and in life. She offers realistic advice based upon a plan that is specific to your needs and wants. Pamela delivers this information in a simplistic way that is easy to implement and easy to measure.

Before I launched my real estate career I was looking for the right coach to help take me to the next level and I found this in Pamela. I tried other Coaches, but Pamela was the one to put me in my place (because I needed it!) and empowered me to go on my own. I haven’t looked back since then.

She also taught me a lot about coaching and I have been able to share that with my clients as well.

If you need someone who will tell you straight, provide a very detailed plan and encourage you when you need it, then Pamela is the one!

Steve Croner

As the Owner of a Growing Business, Can You Identify With Any of These Common Business Challenges?

I have no time to stop, I'm too busy.

It won’t take long to assess your current business practices.  We have a simple assessment tool that assists you in identifying what’s working and what’s not.

I don't have enough staff to support the efforts for change.

One person can create the necessary changes to make a business more efficient and profitable.  It will only take a commitment of as little as 2 hours a month.

I feel scattered. I'm wearing too many hats and always feel like a firefighter.

Building a team requires clear hiring objectives in alignment with the company needs and budgets.

My staff and I feel like they are working in chaos, always in reactive mode.

There needs to be clear systems and efficiencies put in place.

There always seems to be complaints, both from staff and customers.

The creation of scripts, step-by-step repeatable practices can reduce complaints. If the ball is being dropped throughout a client relationship, it is often because there are no routines or established norms.

I don't know where to begin and feel overwhelmed.

This is often called “I do it all’ syndrome. As companies grow and employees are added to the team, owners still believe that it is all up to them. Being a part of a Workplace Think Tank Team will help shift this mentality, build trust in people’s capabilities and create accountability.

The growth of my company seems overwhelming.

Setting financial goals and working backwards make growth more manageable.

There aren’t enough people to fix things.

Hiring new employees can feel like a huge undertaking as a company can often leave Human Resource planning to the last minute. HR planning cannot be done early enough in growth. By designing an HR Department that can be utilized in phases, a company can hire quickly, easily, and right the first time. Training can be accomplished in a strategic manner and get a new employee up to speed faster.

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