Raise the Bar on Your Company's Performance

Industry CEO & Leadership Mastermind Roundtables

Are you the CEO, President and Owner of your own company? Do you often feel like you are isolated in your role? That you have no one at work that you can trust to work through the challenges your role and your company are facing? Would you like to be a part of a group of supportive industry peers who can offer you diverse skills sets, differ in geographic regions but share similar business models? Imagine a group that can play devil’s advocate when you need it, where you can freely discuss the challenges you and your company are facing and receive honest, constructive feedback or examples of best business practices. Would you like to be able to celebrate business triumphs with a group that truly understands what it took you to get there?   Where you can discuss your company financials in a confidential, trusting setting, create and implement new goals, but be held accountable to take action? Would you like to share your business knowledge and experience and make a difference to other owners as well?

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin belonged to a Mastermind Group he called a Junto? He understood the benefits of being a part of a Mastermind Roundtable that could guide him to success. By being a part of an on-going CEO & Leadership Mastermind Roundtable, you will raise the bar on performance for you and your employees, challenge your organization in innovation, and examine the financial obligations. Mastermind Roundtables will shape you as a leader, motivate and inspire you, and impact your bottom line.

Would you like to be a part of a CEO & Leadership Mastermind Roundtable but don’t have the time to get one started or keep the group commitment going? Perhaps you are part of an industry where everyone’s business is located in regions all over North America so it can feel daunting to gather the players. It is also possible that you may want to be a part of a group that is specific to gender or size of your business. Pamela can help coordinate the effort!

Pamela Chatry is a highly sought after, experienced ‘Mastermind Facilitator’ who will plan, organize, and facilitate a private CEO & Leadership Group for you.

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