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You are doing an amazing job with the Woman of Insight dinners. It’s networking without really feeling like you are networking because all of the women are engaged in participating. Everyone is made to feel welcome. On top of everything else, the speakers stories are inspirational. You leave feeling that you are not alone. Other women are going through or have gone through similar experiences. I will definitely continue to come.

Sandra Wright
President and Registered Trade-Mark Agent, Infuse Works Inc.

Just want to let you know that your evening really charged me up ever since, in a way that has surprised me! So thanks again.

Maureen Edwardson
Inner Resonance Technologies

Upcoming Events

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  • Tue

    Book Publishing Boot Camp

    8:30 am - 5:00 pm

    The Best Western Plus Chateau Granville
    1100 Granville St., Vancouver BC

    LifeTree Media and Pink Velvet Couch


    Book Publishing Boot Camp

    An all-day workshop for women entrepreneurs and professionals

    Share your expertise. Expand your brand. Write a book.

    In partnership with

    Raise a Dream

    Want to write a book but not sure where to start? Have a book in the works, but not sure how to finish? This all-day conference is the place to be. Find out exactly what it takes to plan, write, publish and market a nonfiction book that can boost your business, showcase your expertise, and build your personal or professional brand.

    You’ll learn from an expert lineup of award-winning publishers, editors, agents, marketing experts and published authors, through keynote presentations, panel discussions and fun, interactive exercises. Workshop your own book idea, get answers to your toughest questions, and finish the day ready to write your own book in 2018!

    We will cover:

    • The changing publishing landscape: who the players are, and how the business works.
    • Self-publishing, traditional or hybrid: Which one is right for you?
    • Marketing your book: Tips and tricks from traditional book publicists and guerrilla book marketers.
    • Sponsorship strategies: How even first-time authors can garner in-kind sponsorship and financial backing from corporations, small businesses and big-mouth influencers, presented by Charmaine Hammond from Raise a Dream.
    • What sells in today’s market: What agents, editors, publishers and book buyers look for.
    • How to write the right book for you: In-depth interactive workshop to help you develop a book concept that will reach your target readers and meet your objectives, presented by LifeTree Media publisher Maggie Langrick.
    • What is it really like? Published authors share their stories and lessons learned.

  • Tue

    March 20th Women in the Spotlight Dinner


    The Best Western Plus Chateau Granville
    1100 Granville St., Vancouver BC

    Pink Velvet Couch Productions

    Pink Velvet Couch Productions ™ and Pamela Chatry are thrilled to announce the next Women in the Spotlight Dinner!

    Behind Every Successful Business Woman is a Story

    Come hear the story behind the success of this incredible business woman. You'll be moved, inspired and motivated. Get up close and personal with this dynamic and compelling business leader. Hear how she did it, what she's learned, and what she wants you to avoid. Be inspired to take your business to the next level!

    Featured Speaker Renée Safrata

    Owner/Founder, Vivo Team Development

    A serial entrepreneur for 30 years, Renée is now the founder and owner of Vivo Team Development, an HR Tech company that offers corporations the ability to use data to analyze team and leader productivity, identify areas for improvement and provide targeted training solutions. Vivo Team proudly won WEConnect International’s Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2014.

    Renée has worked with over 250 companies and 2000 business executives throughout North America but she knows these are only one of the many sets of numbers that truly count!

    In this Woman in the Spotlight talk *“The Hard and the Soft Stuff”* Renée will share her passion and challenge all of you to find the right numbers that will elevate your personal and professional effectiveness. Renée's career was significantly side-tracked by a life-changing event in 2012. She will share her impactful learnings that she carries with her each day.


    $75 + GST
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