Louise GreenLouise Green is a thought leader in creating a world where every “body” can realize their athletic potential, regardless of their size. Louise has coached and influenced thousands of women to realize their athletic potential and find peace with their bodies.

She has tenaciously dedicated the last decade to disrupting the fitness industry by creating a counter-culture movement where people of all shapes and sizes can feel included. Through her dedication to this movement she has been honoured by Self Magazine as one of the “Top Trainers to Follow” and by Women of Influence as one of the “Top Five Women in Canada Boldly Changing the World for Women and Girls.”

In 2017 Louise rocked the fitness section at the bookstores when she released her groundbreaking book, Big Fit Girl. The book has sold internationally with an overwhelming positive response influencing women everywhere to lace up and get active. Louise believes that every body, regardless of their size, has the right to sweat, endorphins and victory.