The Woman’s Advantage® Forum

Are you serious about moving your business to the next level? The Woman’s Advantage® Forum is the vehicle to get you there.

When you join The Woman’s Advantage® Forum you’ll benefit from a mastermind for women where you will gain information and wisdom to grow your business. The group is comprised of business peers who will share knowledge and hold one another accountable to reach success goals. Step away from your business each month to focus directly on growing your business.

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How Does The Woman’s Advantage®  Forum Work?


The Woman’s Advantage® Forum is an opportunity for women who own small businesses to receive the mentoring and support they need to achieve their goals. Whether you want to reach the $1MM mark, double your revenue—or whatever you dream for your business—The Woman’s Advantage® Forum can get you there.


As a member, you’ll meet monthly for a three-hour, face-to-face roundtable with 12-14 local women, each determined to grow her business. We also offer: group quarterly field trips to meet successful women business owners; an “accountability partner” and the Woman’s Advantage® accountability process; a system for setting a monthly focus for your business (that you’ll be held accountable for!); an annual individual Advantage Session with your chair; optional annual retreat


Each month, you’ll read a chapter of The Woman’s Advantage®: Structure Your Success and answer workbook questions that challenge you to apply the reading to your business. At The Woman’s Advantage® Forum meetings, there will be a structured review of the pre-assigned material. You’ll also discuss challenges or opportunities you’re experiencing, examine how to apply the lessons of each meeting directly to your business, and establish a focus for your upcoming month. Due to the confidential nature of the meetings, no direct competitors are allowed.


Groups hold 12 monthly meetings and attend optional Woman of Insight dinners. To gain the full benefit of the program, you should commit to at least 10 of the forum meetings. Unlike other women’s organizations, The Woman’s Advantage® Forum has no committees or officers. Our sole purpose is to help you grow your business and you will not be asked to perform any duties not directly related to growing your business.

Learn how The Woman’s Advantage® Forum brought growth and success to these entrepreneurs!

I have been working with Pamela over the last year being part of the Vancouver Forum of The Woman’s Advantage. It was truly transformational for me. Pamela is a facilitator of change at a very high level and has an exceptional ability to hone in on what’s holding you back. She enabled me to step up in a way I didn’t know was achievable and did it with so much heart. We are now in the process of having my book, “This Is Kucki Your Pilot Speaking” made into a feature film. I could not have imagined the progress I made towards achieving that dream in less than one year of working with Pamela. I am grateful for her guidance, business savvy and caring. I highly recommend working with Pamela if you want to achieve your goals and dreams faster.

~ Kucki Low

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Pamela as she chaired different organizations that support business growth and community building. At the same time, I have benefitted from her wisdom and guidance as I grew my business. Pamela is always professional, genuinely cares about people, and always looking to support others – whether it be with some sage business advice, or an introduction to a perfect connection.

I have personally appreciated how much business knowledge she has, and is willing to share – and how she has been my cheerleader for many years now. I know that when I recommend Pamela to anyone in my circle of influence she will take good care of them. She always makes sure they get the best coaching and business advice they can receive.

~ Janice Porter

Janice Porter


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