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Here’s the good news. Benefit from years of experience and acquire a working partner who will support you on your entrepreneurial journey and provide you with objective advice. Enjoy a guided journey through current business practices, business basics, a support expert, accountability, and clearly defined action steps.



Early on in the development of my business, I knew that my expertise was in my chosen profession of psychology, and not in the masterful and contemplative set-up of a successful brand and related business ventures. I knew I needed to secure the services of a real expert in the world of business, and I had the very good fortune of finding Pamela Chatry to fill that role. Pamela stepped in capably and swiftly with her wealth of knowledge and compassionate character to support me. She was always available at the other end of the phone or an email, as well as meeting regularly in person. She was able to guide me through brand development, human resources issues, financial management considerations, and most importantly, VISION of what I was doing, where I was headed, and what the possibilities truly were! It is through my work with Pamela that I really connected with my potential. Together we have grown my various business ventures with incredible success. Through all of this Pamela has played a most pivotal role in structuring me, grounding me, inspiring me, steadying me, and even counselling me (!). Her support has been extraordinarily foundational in all that I have accomplished. Anyone who has Pamela in their circle is destined for success – and very, very lucky.

~ Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, R. Psych.
Lapointe Psychology and The Wishing Star: Lapointe Developmental Clinic

When I hired Pamela I was growing faster than I could manage. I had a newborn and a toddler and I needed to get straight to the point with growing my business. I needed someone who was a business expert and could give me concentrated business advice with no fluff, but still treat me with heart. Previously, I had hired people to support me, but I kept finding that I was having to educate them on strategies in my business and together they couldn’t grow or challenge me beyond where I was. Now that I have been working with Pamela my business is becoming systemized, I continue to level it up and my personal business knowledge is increasing.

Being that I’m in the coaching and business/personal education industry I’m very picky about who I work with. Pamela has been a constant in my business and she truly is like my business partner. Since we’ve been working together I have doubled my revenue! I now have a better business plan, developed systems and structures and a business growth plan. Pamela has been one of the best investments for my business and I’m happy I have her in my life.

~ Diane Rolston


About Pamela Chatry

Pamela Chatry has been a trusted and highly respected Consultant, Business Growth and Profitability Specialist, Mentor for Women in Business, Self-Employment Advocate, Trainer, and Keynote Speaker for over 25 years. Pamela’s business clients are located across international borders and industries. They all share one important similarity, a driving desire to build a bigger and better business.

  • Specialities include Business Plans, Operational Planning, Human Resources, and Sales and Marketing Plans.
  • An ardent supporter of women in business and all things entrepreneurial.
  • Has been awarded the ‘Business Person of the Year’ award from the Kitsilano Chamber of Commerce in Vancouver, BC and the ‘Inspiring Transformation’ award by eWomenNetwork.

Pamela Chatry

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