People often refer to me as ‘The Networking Queen’.  I love meeting new people, hearing their stories and connecting business owners, services and products.  It is so exciting to hear that, through an introduction I made, two people were able to do business or support one another in some way.

So, having said all that, when I decided to launch a blog on my website, I figured it may as well serve the same purpose.   Don’t we all love hearing stories of business owners who, in spite of the odds, made it?  How about stories about weird and wonderful products that no one knows about until someone introduces it?  Isn’t that business planning tip useful or doesn’t the motivational quote magically appear at just the right moment?  Well, my blog site will be used to introduce you to magical moments, stories, tips and quotes  in business.

Now all I need is to hear from some folk who believe they have a story to share or something worthwhile that may help others.  Ladies and Gents, please introduce me to….