I attended a two day women’s conference this past week.  Out of the four speakers, only two delivered what I considered, messages of worth….Rhonda Britten, of ‘Starting Over’ fame and author of 5 books, and Danielle Laporte, co-author of ‘Style Statement, Living By Your Own Design.’

Rhonda’s story is like something out of a terrible movie, sad and tragic. However, it’s not the tragic part of her story that is the most inspirational.  It is her message of personal truths.  Yes, she is a phoenix, rising from the ashes of a kind of grief that, hopefully, most of us will never experience. However, she is also a no-nonsense, realistic, incredibly candid woman who challenges us to be more than just mediocre.

Her presentation called, “Fearless Living”, takes the audience through why we fear and gives each listener introspection exercises and practical skills to fight our demons, both business and personal.  As Rhonda would say, “Becoming fearless creates opportunities and doesn’t stop you from doing things…fear does.”  Check her out.  She is worth listening to.

More on Danielle later.