Entrepreneurs are some of the most courageous people I know.  It takes courage to believe so much in a product that you spend years developing it. Courage to open a business on little or no money and courage to get out of bed everyday and believe that you are, or will be, running a successful company.

Entrepreneurs take risk and risk takes courage.  What business owner do you know that deserves an extra pat on the back or a ‘Courage’ Award for continuing to believe when no one else did?  Give them a call and acknowledge their courage.  You’ll make their day!

“He who loses wealth loses much;
he who loses a friend loses more;
but he that loses his courage loses all.”
~Miguel de Cervantes

Today’s nomination for Courage and Bravery in Business?  Isabelle St. Jean. www.inspiredmomentum.com  for continuing to believe!

“If I don’t know you, I can’t connect you”

Managing Director, eWomen Network Vancouver
Personal Business Manager to Entrepreneurial Superstars