Can any of you relate to this statement, “It just feels like last month when I put the Christmas decorations away?  Where did the year go?”  Perhaps you feel your life is travelling at the speed of light and that there just wasn’t enough time this year (again!) to connect with both old and new friends.

Well, one of the best things that seem to happen in the month of December is that, by very early in the month, we are bombarded with invitations to attend social events.  However, it can often be easier to ignore these invites, go home and snuggle down with your cozy blanket.   Don’t do that!  Get into the wonderful spirit of the season.

The joy of December is that we are given the perfect excuse to call all the people we wish we had stayed connected with throughout the year.

Often, December social events are ways we can give back to a charity, can demand less time from us as you can slip in and out, and are definitely more fun than the stodgy breakfasts and dinners held throughout the year.

Be sure and attend with the right seasonal attitude and enjoy the event.  Get dressed up, put on some bling, and be remembered as the woman who shone as bright as the Christmas lights on the tree.

Wishing you the joy of new friends and a life filled with love from all the others.