Are you as glued to the TV set these days as I am?  Are you feeling the excitement in the air, and enjoying this amazing time where the Olympics brings the world to our fair city?  Everywhere you look there is a sea of red and white cheering crowds! Admit it; there may have been a time when you said “Olympics, shlympics!” Yet now, as if by some miracle, most of us are caught up in the spirit of this exhilarating moment in history.

While we don’t want to discredit the amazing efforts of all our Olympians, this enthusiasm didn’t happen by accident.  There was a tipping point; a point where everyone got on the Olympic bandwagon.  As Malcom Gladwell, author of ‘The Tipping Point, How little things can make a difference’, says,  The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips and spreads like wildfire.”

In order to reach this tipping point, we need to remind ourselves that the Vancouver 2010 Olympics have been seven long years in the planning.  Seven years ago, some individuals dreamed a dream, set a goal, and went after it.  They never wavered in their belief that the Olympics would be the most exciting thing to ever happen to Vancouver.  Based upon that, they put the right people in place, planned out each and every step, worked hard and stayed true to the dream.

In alignment with Vanoc’s business strategy, Sandra Yancey, eWomen Network Founder and CEO,  has shared some business Olympic success tips of her own for 2010:

  1. Know where you are going.  Set your goals.
  2. Focus on the fundamentals.  Now is not the time to focus on fancy – cute, extra activities that get you off course.  Many businesses are in survival mode.  If you know where your customer is at and what is most important to her, you can then best meet your needs.  Focus on the fundamentals.
  3. Remember, there’s no substitute for hard work.  Throw away that old quote, “work smarter, not harder.”  This is a time to work smart and hard!   As my mother used to say “There is never a traffic jam in the extra mile!”  Now’s the time to take the lead by putting in some extra effort.
  4. Setbacks are only set-ups for something bigger, greater.  If you don’t like the results you are getting, change what you are doing.  Doing more of the same will most likely get you more of the same!  Be willing to get out of your comfort haven and spread your wings to experience something in a new and different way!
  5. Remember that often the only difference between success and failure is …. quitting.  So, re-engage and restart right now!”

Do you know what you want your business to accomplish this year?  What activities are you undertaking everyday to help you reach those goals?  What can you learn from the Olympic planning that will take you to the business podium at the end of 2010?

Pamela Chatry
Your Managing Director, eWomen Network, Vancouver
“Remember, if I don’t know you, I can’t connect you!”