Not long ago, eWomen Network CEO, Sandra Yancey released the results of an eWomen Network survey that clearly showed U.S. and Canadian women entrepreneurs are “Charging head and have a positive outlook despite the economy woes.”  Here are three amazing quotes from that survey:

  1. When asked how businesswomen are feeling about the current economic situation, 72.5% replied that they are “charging ahead and keeping a positive outlook.”
  2. When asked if they felt this was a good time to grow their business, an overwhelming 73.8% responded “yes.”
  3. 92.3% of businesswomen responded that they are “networking and investing in building more relationships to stay positive and up-beat!”

The results from this survey are very inspiring as they remind us all that we can’t let negative media or people stop us from surging forward networking, promoting and marketing our business.  One of our wise eWomen Network members recently said to me, “Pamela, I can never stop meeting new women and taking good care of my established customer relationships.  As soon as I do, business slows down. People quickly forget I’m there.  As long as I show up with a smile on my face at every event, follow-through with friendly phone calls, get to know each and every one of these women and provide wonderful sales and service, I remain on their radar.  Who do they think of first when they need my service…you bet!  ME!  Customers are why I am in business and I can never have enough of them!”

So, if you find yourself hearing all the recession talk and beginning to believe it, look around you at all the successful eWomen Network members.  They aren’t listening to it.  They have increased their marketing budgets and efforts.  Now isn’t the time to slow your efforts down.  Success comes from facing the challenges head-on with energy and investment of time to cultivate new relationships, network and transact deals.”  Don’t just survive, thrive!