Last week I was in Dallas Texas for the International eWomen Network conference.  It was a week filled with meetings with dynamic business women and motivational speakers including Jack Canfield and Vernice (Flygirl) Armour.

Having said all that, the biggest highlight of the week for me was winning an International Managing Director Award for ‘Inspirational Transformation’.  What does that mean?  I guess it means that I somehow inspired myself and others to aspire to greater heights and action.

I know we all should be able to pat ourselves on the back and recognize all we do right but what a real sense of accomplishment it is when someone else recognizes our efforts.  I know many entrepreneurs can attest to the fact that some days it is so darned hard to get out of bed, put the suit and smile on and sell ourselves.   When something like this comes along, it makes it all worth it.

Just the name of the award now inspires me to make the effort everyday! Thanks Sandra Yancey, CEO and Founder of eWomen Network for this honoured recognition.  You and this award, “Make me want to be a better woman”.  🙂