You meet the most fascinating people and learn wonderful lessons in Coffee Shops!  I’m thinking that these bastions of gourmet beverages are the community squares of the 21st Century.

Today I met with Kuki Low, author of ‘This is Kucki Your Pilot Speaking; The Inspirational Life Story of South Africa’s Frist Female Commercial Airline Pilot’. Not only does she have a fascinating life story but Kuki is a woman of boundless energy, a spirited personality and a kind heart.

As the short profile on the back of her book states, “Kucki Low was born in Austria in 1945.  In 1953 she immigrated to Namibia, formerly South West Africa, with her parents.  She went on to become a flight instructor and South Africa’s first female commercial airline pilot.  After nine years in aviation and close to four thousand flying hours, she started a new life with his husband and son in Vancouver, Canada”.

Out of the thousands of amazing thoughts she shared in our brief hour together, here is the big one that was the most impactful, “We are never given a dream without also having the ability inside us to achieve it”.

Doesn’t that make you want to get to know her better?  To book her for a virtual coffee, check out her website at: