I hear it all the time…too busy to attend events or too busy to sit down have coffee or make calls. It seems that so many women in business are just too busy for everything! Yesterday, I was reminded once again why it is so important to not only show up but be really present in the moment.

I attended the Women’s Success Summit, hosted by eWomenNetwork and Sandra Yancey, Founder and CEO. This is the largest women’s networking group in North America with 118 chapters, producing over 2000 events a year and is the largest women’s business event company in the world. She has built a multi-million dollar company in only 12 short years!!!

Sandra has a North American chapter tour that she creates every year that seems to take her to Canada, back to the states and then back to Canada, covering at least 50% of her chapters. The schedule looks grueling but she does it all with a smile and what she thought yesterday was a broken toe. Ouch!!! Why does she put herself through this every year?

Because this tour gives her the opportunity to hear and meet her members and guests! She is connecting with the roots of her company and it ignites her once again to go back to the corporate office and keep doing what she is doing. Sandra is passionate about the supporting the women she meets, continuing to create opportunity to her vast group of influence friends and of course, stay innovative and creative in eWomenNetwork offerings.

Not much of this would happen if she just stayed in Dallas and waited for the masses to come to the annual conference in August. It keeps her tuned into the heart of what her company was built upon…women and business.

Business Owners…Now do you see why you need to show up for those events, engage in dialogues with interesting people and to quote Sandra, “If you want people to show up and support you, YOU have to make the effort.” Come on people…get out of your offices and enjoy the journey! Sandra does…