I heard a new term the other day, ‘Third Ager.’ Here in North America, we use the more common term, ‘Zoomer’ or ‘Boomer.’ According to a recent article in the Vancouver Sun on Nov. 9, 2013, by Bob Ransford, “There are an estimated five million Canadians 65 years of age or older today, a number that is expected to double in the next 25 years to 10.4 million seniors by 2036.”

Ransford states that “the Royal Institute of British Architects recently published a report exploring some of the economic and social changes that dominant aging populations will bring for towns and cities in the next 30 years.” The article made it clear that the institute “identified, an ‘active Third Age’ – a new demographic cohort representing active, healthy members of society approaching or beyond retirement. Members of the active Third Age are 60 to 74 and much engaged in leisure and cultural pursuits.”

This article broke the myth that all retirees are heading for Sunny Brook Rest Home. I predict that, whether it is from financial need, boredom, self-fulfillment, innovation or whatever the reason, this age group could become the next great generation of entrepreneurs. They bring deep financial pockets, sound business wisdom and experience, passion for enterprise, political savvy, and are from a generation of hard-working people. With these offerings, there is an increased chance a start-up would succeed. Besides, with the sheer numbers, these businesses could drive our local and national economy, offer business mentorship, and create employment opportunities.

So for all you ‘Third Agers’ out there, I would encourage you to explore self-employment as a life-change option. Who knows this last business could be way more fun than anything you have ever done in your life to this point! I’d love to hear from you. Is self-employment an option for you…or not?