Watching the 2014 Olympics in Sochi is addicting! The time zone difference means that many of the sports take place during the day. It seems that every restaurant, food court, and office Canada has Olympic sports on TV and folks are stopping in their tracks to watch the action.

We are celebrating their successes but also share their pain as we watch them incur injuries, take personal risks and financial losses. We also watch their public struggle to stay inspired, often after enormous defeat. Don’t these athletes motivate you to push a little harder and want to commit to playing a bigger game? Don’t you want a little more gold in your business?

It occurred to me that an Olympic athlete is similar to a being a Boomer Business Owner. Do you know of someone who has been a business owner for so many years, has no more excitement and who has run out of business energy? Someone who chooses to now play it safe or has given up trying? They go through the motions every day, accept mediocrity and small financial gains. Many don’t want to work anymore, learn anything new, hire younger or more talented employees, or are willing to consult and listen to others.

They say it takes a community to raise a child. While watching the Olympics, it is obvious that it takes a huge team to raise an athlete to the championship level. Can you imagine if a young athlete wasn’t willing to change or listen to their coaches or one who gives up after one defeat? There would never be any gold on their horizon.

You’ve heard the expression; “Go big or go home”. If you are that Boomer Business Owner who hates what they are doing, isn’t it time to be honest with yourself? If your business isn’t being led by a ‘Gold Medal’ leader, do you need to identify who and what resources you need on your team to help you achieve a new vision? If you don’t have the energy to drive the business, surround yourselves with those that do. They should be the best and the hungriest for success. Hire them and let them go for it. Let them teach you and for heaven’s sake, don’t always try and control them. As Sandra Yancey, CEO of eWomenNetwork always says, “You should never be the smartest in the room”.

Boomer Business Owners, strive for the ‘Gold’ and find your passion again. If you can’t, then retire. If you can, then do it for more ‘Gold’ in your retirement. You owe it to yourself.