After returning from my month-long holiday in Costa Rica last year, I made the decision to create a new on-line business magazine. It would be comprised of interesting stories that speak to the entrepreneur and the traveller in all of us.

Since then, I am stunned at how many people are reaching out to me and wanting to share their stories. The interesting part? I haven’t had to solicit response. It seems that as soon as the decision was made, the universe began unfolding with contact from the most interesting people.

This reminds me of the movie ‘Field of Dreams’ with Kevin Costner. He built the baseball field with the deep belief that he would be able to hold a baseball game with the dream team, and the stands would just overflow with fans.

Have you built your business built with the deep inner belief if you open your doors every day, your clients will just come? Fact, fiction or…? Can you rest on your business laurels or is there so much more planning and marketing required to make it all happen successfully?