by Mary Cantando, Founder of The Woman’s Advantage, Guest Contributor

As we launch into a new year, consider that certain states of mind can either enhance or detract from your success.

Here are five that you might focus on for 2015.

Five Mindsets to Drive Your Success in 2015

1. Clarity about your goals.

Being clear about what you want and developing the confidence that you can make it happen are the keys to success.

2. Passion for the game.

If you’re doing something you love and feel you’re making a difference, you’re on a winning path. Keep playing like your hair is on fire!

3. Willingness to adapt.

If you truly want to succeed, start by analyzing your negative habits and replacing them with positive ones. This can be the difference between success and failure in business and in life.

4. Confidence in yourself and your business.

Owning a business requires guts. You have to be prepared to hear a lot more people say “no” than “yes.” Confidence is not something that you’re born with; you can develop it. Just keep moving forward.

5. Ability to ignore others’ opinions and judgment.

Don’t let anyone’s comments or opinions kill your dreams.