by Mary Cantando, Founder of The Woman’s Advantage, Guest Contributor

I’m excited about delivering the keynote to 700 women at the Grand Rapids Business Journal’s Top Women in Business Awards luncheon in a few weeks. If you attend that event, please come up and introduce yourself to me.

Here are some key considerations when creating a great presentation.

Five Steps to Create a Great Presentation

1. Keep the audience in mind.

Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about them. Understand the background of your audience and use relevant examples and stories.

2. Use current examples.

Keep up on the news and update your speech every time you deliver it.

3. Build stories, examples, and audience interaction in at five-minute intervals.

Don’t just lecture, but develop a personal relationship with your audience.

4. Consider creating a handout.

Don’t provide handouts just for the sake of having handouts, but if there is a handout that will add value for the audience make it available to them.

5. Know your allotted time and stick to it.

If possible, plan to finish a few minutes early to allow for issues outside of your control.