by Mary Cantando, Founder of The Woman’s Advantage, Guest Contributor

I’ve delivered speeches to groups of women as large as 7,000 and as small as three. But regardless of the audience size, I’ve learned some key tips over the years that allow me to deliver a great presentation.

So, whether you—like me—love getting up in front of a crowd, or are a nervous wreck when you have to do it, here are five things you can do to deliver a great presentation.

Five Steps to Deliver a Great Presentation 

1. Remember that a presentation is just a conversation.

If you make a mistake just move along. Remember that the audience doesn’t have your notes or know what you had planned to say next.

2. Never tell the audience that you are nervous

or that this is your first time in front of a group this large.

3. Always pause after laughter.

Know when to anticipate laughter, and pause when your audience laughs rather than talking over it.

4. NEVER look back at the screen.

Always have your computer screen positioned in front of you so you can glance down at it, rather than looking back at the screen.

5. Be enthusiastic.

You engage your audience more by your energy and conviction than by anything else.