by Mary Cantando, Founder of The Woman’s Advantage, Guest Contributor

A friend was recently discussing her inability to sleep through the night and other women present chimed in to report the same problem. With everything we’ve got on our minds these days, a lot of women struggle with this; imagine how much more effective you could be with a sound night’s sleep.

Here are five suggestions offered by other women in that conversation. I’m not saying that I’ve tried these products, or that any of them work, but you might consider them.

Five Ways to Sleep Through the Night

1. L- Tryptophan

This is the enzyme in turkey that makes you sleepy. Several versions of this exist on the market; try the purest kind without other additives.

2. Magnesium liquid concentrate

Start out with a minimum dose as magnesium can cause stomach or bowel problems.

3. Natural Calm

This is a powder from the health food store that you mix in hot water. (Watch out, it can bubble up out of the cup!)

4. Original Flower Essences by BACH

Many women I know swear by this. BACH makes two versions, Rescue Remedy and Rescue Sleep, which are each available at health food stores.

5. NATURAL Zzz’s

This works for many women, but has valerian which may make you feel a little drowsy and hung-over in the morning.