by Mary Cantando, Founder of The Woman’s Advantage, Guest Contributor

Your customer testimonials may receive rave reviews, but reviews are not what we’re going for at The Woman’s Advantage®. We want women to be so impressed by a testimonial that they click through to our site and investigate joining our Forum. And that’s just what we get using the five concepts below.

Five Keys to Create a Great Video Testimonial

1. Make it short.

If you’ve got one person speaking, make it two minutes or less. If multiple speakers, a max of four minutes.

2. Include multiple speakers with powerful sound bites.

View this video to see the kind of sound bites that pack a punch and how to splice them together.

3. Ask speaker(s) to share something specific.

Don’t let them just say your offering is great, or your customer service is terrific. Have them say something specific such as: “As a direct result of The Woman’s Advantage®, we’ve doubled our revenue in the past six months.”

4. Promote the speaker and her business.

Each of our videos display the speaker’s name and company. This promotes her business while promoting ours. See how to do this here.

5. Create a channel for your video testimonials.

See an example of how to do this here.