by Mary Cantando, Founder of The Woman’s Advantage, Guest Contributor

There is no point in attending a networking event unless you’ve got a plan to follow up and then you implement that plan almost immediately after the event. It’s better to go to one event a month and really follow up on the new individuals you met, then to attend ten events without any follow up.

Here are five ways to create great results by following up to networking events

Five Key Follow-Ups to Networking Events

1. Follow up quickly.

Don’t bother going to an event if you’re not going to follow up quickly. A good rule of thumb is to enter their contact info into your system and send them an email within 24 hours of the original event.

2. Connect through social media.

Be sure to personalize the invitation reminding them that, “I enjoyed meeting you last night at the ABC event and sent you an email about the coffee we wanted to schedule.”

3. Follow up coffee or lunch.

And, remember, if you invite her to coffee or lunch, you should pick up the tab.

4. Schedule next actions before you leave the table.

Regardless of what the next action is, see if you can get your calendars out and schedule it before you conclude your coffee or lunch.

5. Create follow-up time on your weekly calendar.

Create a running list of key individuals you’ve met through networking events and set aside a block of time each week to follow up with them.