by Mary Cantando, Founder of The Woman’s Advantage, Guest Contributor

Do you focus too much on the years of experience, business degree, or skills—such as coding or QuickBooks—and not enough on the PERSON when you are hiring? You can always teach skills, but not so with a person’s basic personality or emotional quotient.

Here are five traits to seek the next time you’re making a hire.

Five Winning Traits to Seek When Hiring 

1. A “Likeable” personality. 

How will she get along with co-workers? How will she represent your brand to the outside world? Is this someone you will be proud to call a team member?

2. An “Accountable” mindset. 

Rather than making excuses, will he accept responsibility for his own decisions and work?

3. A “Can-Do” attitude. 

Rather than pointing out that something is not in her job description, will she step up to do whatever is needed?

4. A “Rational Control” of emotions. 

When dealing with difficult people, will he be in control of his feelings and reactions? Will he propose solutions that will work for all?

5. A “Speak-Up” confidence. 

Is she willing to speak up and challenge the status quo when appropriate? Will she ask the question that no one else is willing to put out?