jean-nidetch-400x400Weight Watchers in an international brand with a name that is self-descriptive. There is no denying that this organization’s sole mandate is about watching your weight while being supported through your journey. This company was founded by Jean Nidetch who was an overweight homemaker and mother. Like many, she wasn’t satisfied with her weight and struggled with it for most of her life.

Before Jean found her true path, she struggled to find her calling. She withdrew from university because of financial shortcomings, and withdrew from the City College of New York before landing on her own two feet, earning just ten dollars a week at a furniture company. It wasn’t until she jumped over to the IRS where she met her future husband to begin her role as a housewife.

At this point, Jean was still unsatisfied with her figure in her adult life. For many, this struggle was relatable. Because of the inner conflict, she made her own support network with 6 friends to discuss their obstacles, failures and success. These gatherings quickly became weekly meetings. From there, her popularity rocketed because of her leadership, articulate public speaking skills and motivation, which grew her following into a large clientele base. And in 1963 with the support of one of her clients, Al Lippert, Weight Watchers was born.

Not only did this formidable woman build a multi-million dollar business, but she developed a strong foundation of support. Yes, we all dream of financial success and wealth, but it takes more than effort and determination to get there. In order to reach these summits, everyone needs a support group or a team to help guide you to that goal. For Jean, it was 6 friends who helped lead her to success. Because her goal was authentic, to help people feel and look their best self, others were drawn in by her motivations. And that’s the secret to reach financial success: it’s about those with which you surround yourself to push and motivate you … now, have you thought about who is on your team?