by Mary Cantando, Founder of The Woman’s Advantage, Guest Contributor

Studies show that there are distinct differences in selling to men. The more you understand these differences the more successful you can become in selling to them.

Here are key traits to be aware of.

Five Differences When Selling to Men 

1. Men feel most comfortable making small talk about sports, weather, and news. 

Women like to discuss more personal issues.

2. Men make quicker decisions.

Women often seek advice and consensus from others, but if the man you’re talking with is the decision maker, you can close a deal more quickly with him than with most women.

3. Men use less expressive body language.

Because men often temper their facial expressions, it’s sometimes hard to tell if they’re agreeing with you or not.

4. Men discuss and brag more about their accomplishments. 

Status and independence are more important to them than to most women.

5. Men are less likely to ask for or accept help and direction. 

Women are more likely to accept help when offered