by Mary Cantando, Founder of The Woman’s Advantage, Guest Contributor

It’s one thing to be a speaker and another to be a speaker who makes a difference in the businesses and lives of her audience.

Here are five ways to be a memorable speaker who truly makes a difference.

Five Ways to be Sure Your Audience Remembers You

1. Before you speak, meet as many individuals as possible. 

I like to walk from table to table individually introducing myself to attendees to make them feel special.

2. Be clear on the key idea you want to present and focus on it. 

Drill down on that one concept and keep coming back to it.

3. Have a solid, memorable opening. 

I like to use a powerful statistic.

4. Don’t do or say things that you’ve seen others do or say. 

Be original.

5. Ask for questions first, then close. 

Save your closing statement for after questions. That way the audience will remember it.