by Jo Dibblee

Confessions of a former witness in hiding. Details from behind the curtain… I caution you because what I am about to share is true without embellishment and seems (even to me) surreal. Some basic facts about me are: I am 54 years old, I have relocated 51 times, used 19 different names and had seven passports — all to stay alive. I spent 35 years in hiding, as a witness in a major criminal investigation, until one day I was sick and tired of hiding, settling for okay, being good enough and existing. That’s not living, that’s merely surviving.

For years I stood on the sidelines and in the shadows, afraid to step into the light. What if he found me? He had already taken the life of a young girl I knew (she was only 12) and I knew if he found me he would, as he said, “finish the job.” It would be February 2007, on a cold, winter day in Calgary, Alberta, when I realized I had had ENOUGH!

That was the day I began the lengthy and cathartic process of writing my memoir, in hopes of serving others. Frock Off Living Undisguised was released in 2013 and became an international bestseller and has been awarded two Reader’s Favorite bronze medals in the true crime, hope and inspiration category.

The reason the book has done so well (I believe) is that the story, although dark at times, demonstrates repeatedly that we are not defined by our pasts, our stories, or the tragedies we endure and subsequently overcome. Rather than stand in our stories we must stand on them.

Interestingly enough, for 25 years I had been helping women in business by providing them access to community, knowledge and accountability. I was essentially living through them as I helped them move from the shadows into the light. Assisting them launch successful businesses time and time again allowed me to vicariously live the life I longed for in spite of my circumstances.

Now in my second half I am living that life myself. My life is full and rich with joy, love, health and friendships. I continue to help women move their businesses from the shadows to the spotlight so that they can become the gold standard by which others are measured. Today I am able to stand shoulder to shoulder with these women as we collectively grow and celebrate the Triumphant life!

About Jo Dibblee

Jo-Dibblee-WEBI was the best kept secret for over thirty-five years! I am the Founder of Frock Off Inc. My inspiration comes from living in hiding for 35 years. As a key witness for the RCMP, I wore frocks of protection out of necessity. I lived as an imposter.

I was successful in my career and as an entrepreneur, and often acknowledged for the good work I did, but I was not living fully or seeing true success in my life, love or business. And I lived in constant fear of being discovered.

It was during my years in hiding I met thousands of women whom I admired. They were talented, brilliant, professional women who portrayed success on the outside, but confided in me that they felt like impostors. Most of these women felt frustrated, stuck, restricted and confined by self-imposed expectations. They couldn’t take the leap to what they really wanted in their lives and businesses. They all wanted more – much more – yet fear held them back. Often I could see exactly what was missing, so I helped them launch their business and their lives over and over again. Yet I remained in the shadows.

Until 2007 when I finally recognized that it was my time. I stood up and stepped into my life. In 2013 I launched my memoir, Frock Off: Living Undisguised, and I was featured on national television. By the fall of 2014 we began hosting the Frock-alicious Life Series live events to serve women in business. To move them from being the best kept secret, to SUCCESS in all areas of life love and business.