Eszter-Farkas1. Was working in the family business always part of your career goals?
We travelled extensively all over the world for 25 years. We started our business when we returned to North America. Our children were teenagers and we wanted the opportunity to have flexible schedules and to be able to travel with our children’s competitive sport commitments.

2. Do you feel there’s a difference in career projection by working with family?

In our family business we are collaborating with people we trust and care about. I feel this is a nurturing environment and gives all our family members self-confidence. Our work environment is very relaxed and flexible. We all understand that we are in this together and are working toward a common goal. I believe this brings the best out in all of us.

3. With Schooley Mitchell only charging a fee if you’ve saved money for a company, how would you say this is different than traditional sales?

In traditional sales, money is exchanged for services or goods. In our business model, we add to our clients’ bottom line and our fee is derived from money already being paid to the providers.

4. Do you feel you have to work differently than your male counterparts to acquire clients because you’re a woman? If yes, how so?

I believe we each have unique characters and we sell everyday in all aspects of our lives. I like to learn about my prospective clients’ businesses and educate them on our services. If there is a match, then I like to think that a mutually beneficial partnership is derived.

5. How did you grow your expertise in this vast industry? Did you go along traditional routes of education?

My education is in business; however, as the telecom industry is forever changing I am continually involved in continued education through courses, workshops, webinars, industry periodicals and conferences.

6. What was your greatest business challenge? How did you handle it?

My greatest business challenge has been the inability to grow my business as I’ve been so busy doing all the work. Through the support of the amazing women in my WAF, I’ve been able to put systems and processes in place that have allowed me to focus my resources on growth.

7. What advice would you give to a woman starting her own company?

It is hard work, be ready to ride the rollercoaster, surround yourself with great support and the journey is amazing!


Eszter Farkas is an independent consultant leveraging her 15 years of experience in Telecom audits and Merchant Services to increase profits for clients. She spent 25 years working on energy projects all over the globe. One of the biggest expenses she encountered continually was the telecom spend both on a personal and on a project wide basis. Moving back to North America, she realized that telecom had become an integral part of business; however, companies focusing on their core business could not keep up with the ever changing telecom industry and were typically spending 35% more on their telecom costs than they needed to.

Eszter monitors the telecom market place and, through proprietary software tools, offers the most competitive prices. This saves clients not only money but also valuable time, allowing them to focus on their business and giving them the knowledge and security that their telecom costs are optimized in todays competitive marketplace.