by Mary Cantando, Founder of The Woman’s Advantage, Guest Contributor

Every woman in business is looking for the magic elixir that will enable her to close more deals. I propose the following five-step process.

Five Steps to Close More Deals

1. Develop the ideal package to sell.

Rather than selling something vague like “sales consulting” develop a tangible package by giving your offering a name. For example, “Three-Month Program to Double Sales.”

2. Get qualified leads and follow up with them to set a sales meeting.

Gain leads through networking and other sources and ask them if they would be able to handle the business if they doubled their sales.

3. Ask the right questions and connect your offerings to their answers.

Ask questions to learn about their business and then explain how your offering addresses their challenges.

4. Put your price out in front of them.

Explain your value.

5. Don’t be afraid to close.

After you’ve presented your offering, ask for the sale.