by Mary Cantando, Founder of The Woman’s Advantage, Guest Contributor

Since you only have one life to live, you should stop from time to time to analyze that you’re on the right path in growing your business, and that your business synchs up with your life. You may find that you need to tweak your business path or change it dramatically, or you might be right on target.

Here are five questions to ask yourself to be sure you’re on the path to fulfillment in business and in life.

Five Questions to Verify You’re on the Right Business Path 

1. What do you love doing?

Are several elements of what you love to do incorporated into your business? The more that are, the more likely will be your success.

2. What are you good at?

Are you spending most of your time doing things that you’re really good at? You should be paying someone else to do things that are a struggle for you.

3. What would you like to be good at?

Does your business help you to learn things you’d like to learn? If so, Yay for you! If not, figure out a way to make it happen.

4. What do you want to achieve in life?

Does your business move you closer to that goal? If not, how can you modify what you’re doing to move in the direction of your life goal?

5. What do you want to have?

Whether it’s an extravagant car or the ability to fund an orphanage, is your business positioning you to ultimately check that box?