by Mary Cantando, Founder of The Woman’s Advantage, Guest Contributor

How can you create sales emails that get opened? This is a real problem, because no matter how much time and effort you spend writing your sales email, prospects open fewer than 24% of them. That’s not even one out of four. Let’s look at some factors that can improve that ratio.

Here are five approaches you might use to improve your email response rate.

Five Approaches to Improve Your Email Response

1. Show some emotion in your subject line. 

Messages that express some level of passion – whether positive or negative – have a greater chance of being opened.

2. Create the right length email. 

Using between 50-125 words seems to have the best response rate.

3. Consider flattering your audience.

Flattery works to a certain extent, but don’t go overboard, as excessive flattery comes across as phony.

4. Use simple language. 

Writing at a third-grade reading level has the greatest response. Even if your target market is all college grads.

5. Ask your audience a question …or three. 

Studies show that asking one to three questions makes the recipients 50% more likely to respond than an email with no questions.