by Mary Cantando, Founder of The Woman’s Advantage, Guest Contributor

If you can’t keep your best employees happy, you’re not going to keep them. Although your best employees are the ones you can least afford to lose, they are the ones who have the most options and—if they’re unhappy—are the ones who are most likely looking RIGHT NOW.

Here are five ways to push them out the door.

Five Ways to Chase Away Good Employees

1. Treat everyone equally. 

This may seem fair when you’re dealing with eight-year-olds, but your business should operate differently. Take care of your top performers like no one else.

2. Ignore significant accomplishments. 

When you recognize and reward accomplishment, you’re training people to achieve…and making them want to stay.

3. Overlook poor performance. 

This ties in with #2, above.

When you accept poor performance, you’re training people to continue behaving that way.

4. Don’t show that you care about your people. 

You’re not a robot. Show your people that you care about them.

5. Don’t let employees follow their passion. 

Studies show that when you allow employees to pursue their passion, they can be up to five times more productive.