Have you ever wondered what motivates a Woman of Insight? Or how she defines success? Me too, so we asked the five successful and influential speakers from our upcoming Sept 21st Woman’s Advantage® Retreat in the City to share their insights.

Here’s what Natacha Beim, founder of CEFA Early Learning Schools, had to say!

What is your definition of success?
Doing what you love, having great friends and family, and having enough money and time to enjoy life with them

Has your definition of success changed from when you began to today?
No, always the same

What motivates you to keep going on?
I know I can make a difference

How do you keep going when the going gets tough?
I just put my head down and work. I can do that because I always have clear goals every year, so it’s just a matter of getting from A to B really

What rewards are important to you as a successful business owner?  This can encompass everything from money onwards…
My biggest reward is that I’ve always been able to spend every minute before and after school with my boys. Even now that they are 14 and 16, I love picking them up from school and sharing those moments with them: listening to music together, going for coffee, going out, having friends over…

Other rewards that are important to me are having time for myself and my friends and family; having the flexibility to travel; having the luxury of working from my laptop, at home, in my pjs; working with people I like respect; and having enough money to support myself and my family, even as a single woman.

In your opinion, who is a great  female business role model? 
I think every woman who has managed to grow a business independently and have a family or a life outside of work is a role model

It is much more difficult for women than for men to compartmentalize, I believe. You can’t just stay late at work every night when you have children, and you don’t often have “stay at home husbands” to help you grow a large business, which sometimes helps 😉