The upcoming Sept 21st Women of Insight ‘Retreat in the City’ will now feature six incredible speakers, each of them smart and high-achieving women who will share their journeys to success. We’re excited to announce that author, speaker and change-maker Jo Dibblee will be joining us! Here’s what  Jo had to say about success, motivation, business role models and more.

What is your definition of success?

Freedom to deliver my body of work to serve entrepreneurs and move them from best kept secret to success. Freedom to travel, to continue to learn, to set my own schedule, to create my own outcomes and be able to be the change I seek through philanthropic activities.

Has your definition of success changed from when you began to today?

Absolutely! When I first began I had no idea how big this would become. I’ve broadened my understanding and expectations because I was playing too small before.

What motivates you to keep going on?

The entrepreneurs who I know have a large message and want to help transform others. The people who I can help step fully into the spotlight for themselves.

I also think of those that are voiceless. My mission is to give them a voice.

How do you keep going when the going gets tough?

I think about those who I am committed to and how important the work is. Because with all of our activities we are generating funds for those who have no voice.

What rewards are important to you as a successful business owner?  This can encompass everything from money onwards…

Validation of the work. Reaching the level of revenue that we can donate significantly more. The freedom to choose and do what I want to do with my life. Travel.

In your opinion, who is a great female business role model?  Why?

Arlene Dickinson because I know she came from nothing. In Canada we don’t have a lot of strong female business owners who have accomplished something to that level. Arlene knows it takes grit, hard work and persistence. She knows there is no easy road, and she never forgets where she came from.