by Mary Cantando, Founder of The Woman’s Advantage, Guest Contributor

This is a good time to think about raising your prices. But rather than doing so arbitrarily, consider the value of results-based pricing rather than hourly pricing.

Here’s a five-step process to execute that approach.

Five-Step Process to Increase Prices

1. Figure out the best possible results you can consistently deliver for your customers.  

2. See if you need to rework your processes to create those results consistently. 

Invest the time and energy to tweak your processes to get these results every time.

3. State what those results are in easy-to-understand language that customers will relate to.

For example, “We help our clients hire the right person within one month.”

4. Create a promise around those results.

For example, “We’ll enable you to hire the right person within one month.”

5. Offer proof that you can deliver these results.

Determine your track record or collect solid testimonials to show your results. See examples of great testimonials here.