by Mary Cantando, Founder of The Woman’s Advantage, Guest Contributor

There are so many things to complain about in our world. But ask yourself, “Am I complaining just to vent anger, or am I complaining to change the results?” If the latter, then do so effectively.

Here are five approaches that will gain results.

Five Approaches to Effective Complaining 

1. Set a goal.

Be clear about what you want and direct your complaint to the right person at the right time.

2. Put it in writing.

Rather than just ranting on and on, first collect your thoughts in writing. Then you can articulate the situation and your desires more clearly.

3. Be upbeat and positive.

Start with something positive like, “I always look forward to visiting your hotel, but today I noticed something I was sure you’d want to hear about…”

4. Give humor a try.

Don’t be sarcastic, but be a little playful…even self-deprecating, if you think that will help.

5. Read their body language.

Pay attention to the other person’s non-verbal queues and adjust your conversation to them.