Do you have big dreams for business success in 2017?

Do you have a vision for your business in 2017? Have you created an action plan that will guide you and your team to help make it happen?

Here are 5 areas of your business to focus on this year that could help take your business to new heights of success!

  1. Become a trendsetter – do you have a ‘millennial’ or younger person on staff? Harness their talent on a research project. What’s trending? What’s not? What does the future hold? Once the information is found, hold planning meetings to add new and innovative trends into your company. Create ‘Ideas’ teams that will help you turn the plans into reality.
  2. Hire, hire, hire – If you are chief cook, pie-maker and doing it all, hire. If you have staff members that don’t make a contribution to the team, revenue or the bottom line, replace them! The company won’t grow if you don’t hire the right people. Hire for creativity, energy, personality and flexibility. You can always teach skills.
  3. Get organized – Your business is not a teenagers’ room. No one likes chaos, not your customers or your staff. Don’t profess to do it alone. Get some help. Install systems that will streamline efficiency. You’ll create loyal customers, improve average sales, and create consistent business practices.
  4. Celebrate – identify important benchmarks and targets that you want the business to hit this year. React as soon as possible to the success. Publicly cheer on the staff that have helped get you there. Share the wealth. Create incentive programs and reward those who helped you get to these landmarks. Be sure to thank the customers who also helped to make it happen.
  5. And finally, the most important tip of all: Know your financial numbers. Become comfortable with your financial statements. Set targets to increase revenue but more importantly, improve profit. Create budgets. Manage your money and your cash flow. Know where it goes, where you can save money and when to borrow money. Borrowing money for new product development, inventory purchasing, vehicle replacement, or to pay off higher interest rate credit cards is a smart business decision. If you are planning for growth this year, an affordable, short-term cash infusion can be just the right thing to help you take your business to the next level.

Make 2017 the best business year yet!