by Mary Cantando, Founder of The Woman’s Advantage, Guest Contributor

What’s the hold up in your customers’ buying decision? Maybe they need to see your offerings in a different light. Maybe they need to justify the financial investment you’re asking them to make. Maybe they need to understand how others have benefited from using your offerings.

Here are five things that just might close the deal.

Five Ideas to Make Your Customers Want to Do Business with You

1. Send them an article that is relevant to them.

Show them how industry trends or emerging companies rely on your offering.

2. Offer to provide an assessment.

You could provide an assessment to demonstrate how they could cut costs or capitalize on opportunities.

3. Email them case studies of companies like theirs.

Show them how similar companies benefited from your offerings.

4. Send them interviews with industry experts.

Find interviews with industry experts who back up your case and send them along.

5. Provide them with a payback analysis tool.

Show them how to use an ROI calculator to determine the $$ they will make/save using your offering.