by Mary Cantando, Founder of The Woman’s Advantage, Guest Contributor

Without realizing it, many women give away their personal power, rather than building it. You can make a conscious choice to increase your personal power and, thereby, create positive change in your business and your life.

Here are five ways to increase your personal power.

Five Ways to Build Personal Power 

  1. Avoid victim language.Rather than talking about things you “have” to do, talk about things you “get” to do. Condition yourself to speak from a positive position rather than a negative one.
  2. Rather than complaining, solve the problem. Complaining keeps the focus on the problem rather than the solution and indicates you that you’re powerless to resolve it.
  3. Eliminate unproductive thoughts. Control your thoughts to spend as little time as possible focusing on the negative. When dealing with something negative, make yourself find three good things about it.
  4. Accept responsibility for your feelings. Saying that someone makes you angry, gives that person power over you. Learn to manage your emotions, regardless of the actions of others.
  5. Speak up!Rather than allowing others to waste your time or back you into a corner, take charge and speak up for yourself.