by Mary Cantando, Founder of The Woman’s Advantage, Guest Contributor

Women have made great strides in “catching up” to men in business, but no one can claim that there are no differences between the two. Listed below are five tendencies women generally show in business; these are not better or worse than men’s mannerisms…just different. Understanding the differences can make an impact on your business dealings.

Five Tendencies of Women in Business

  1. Women use more words to express themselves and communicate more what’s on their minds through stream-of-consciousness delivery.
  2. Women tolerate interruptions more easily than men.
  3. Women often share success by saying, “The TEAM did it.” Men more often take individual credit for success.
  4. Women create intimacy and build rapport through conversation.
  5. Women put a high value on sharing relationships; men place a higher value on gaining results and solving problems.