Lori Joyce will be one of the featured speakers at the upcoming Women in the Spotlight Dinner presented by Pink Velvet Couch Productions and Pamela Chatry at the Best Western Plus Chateau Granville in Vancouver, BC on September 27th.

What was your inspiration for your new ice cream brand, Betterwith Ice Cream?

Initially it was the discovery that real, premium ice cream didn’t exist in the grocery marketplace. I was surprised and disappointed when I realized that it wasn’t ice cream I was buying, but actually frozen dessert, and that got me thinking…

What do you consider your greatest achievement to date?

Launching with traceable dairy and being the first to have it listed it as an ingredient.

What is some advice you’d give for people considering a business in the industry?

Be patient and be prepared to work like never before.

What is the most important skills to have in leading and motivating people?

Understanding that I am not the expert and therefore trusting people from the beginning and then watching them grow.

Tell us how amazing Betterwith Ice cream is?

Well, that’s easy. It is unlike no other. It is high fat, which gives a dense and smooth texture with real simple flavour.

What was it like being on tv?

It was a tremendous and exciting experience. I would do it again.

How do you manage your career and kids?

Setting the expectations low…haha. I focus on getting as much as I can do in one day and not being too hard on myself. Building a company is like parenting. It is a life long commitment and relationship, so take it slow and with purpose.

What are your main focuses when it comes to business?

Staying honest to the brand, the purpose and people. There is no compromising.

Are there any words of wisdom that have inspired you through your journey?

Many. When I am in one of those moments, I always remember “if it were easy, everybody would be doing it.” and currently my screen saver reads ‘Living a few years of my life like most people won’t, so that I can spend the rest of my life like most people can’t.’

What does your social media news feed look like? Who do you follow?

My personal feed is real, honest and not perfect. I am not perfect, and therefore I don’t expect Betterwith to be. I am influenced by authentic, strong and confident people/brands. I follow people like Jessica Iclisoy, the founder of California Baby, and Hamdi Ulukaya, the founder of Chobani.

Have you had any failures that made your business better?

Failure hasn’t made my business better, but it definitely has made it wiser. Mistakes and failure come with start ups and building businesses. It is required to test your self, your competencies and your patience.

What is the dream result for Betterwith Ice Cream?

Betterwith will be a global billion-dollar brand and I’m excited for the journey.


Lori Joyce is an innovative marketer and has over twenty years experience creating, managing and growing brands. In 2002, Lori co-founded Cupcakes with her best friend Heather White. Lori was responsible for developing the Cupcakes Franchise and growing it into a national 10-location chain. In 2010, Lori also became the co-executive producer and co-star in the Gemini-award winning reality TV show, The Cupcake Girls. The television show aired for three seasons and was broadcast in 95 countries.

Today, Lori Joyce is focused on building her latest product venture, Betterwith Ice Cream. No compromise and all purpose, Betterwith Ice Cream stands for honest, transparent and better ice cream. The brand vision for Betterwith is to become tomorrow’s food company, and one day, Betterwith will diversify beyond ice cream into a variety of food product categories where there is opportunity to do better.

For Lori, it really comes down to enjoying Betterwith Ice Cream with her 2 young boys, Maxi (7) and Lex (5). And it’s more than dessert for Lori. It’s about sitting around a table and listening and sharing and appreciating. As Lori always simply says  ‘It all comes down to this.’

Join us September 27th at the Women in the Spotlight Dinner at the Best Western Plus Chateau Granville and hear more from Lori Joyce and our other wonderful keynote speaker, Connie Buna!