What inspired you to transition from being a correctional officer to a business woman?
It’s quite an unusual inspiration. We moved from Ontario to Fort McMurray and at the time the jail was not open for business, so there was no job for me to transfer to. So I took a job as an Executive director of a women’s crisis facility/shelter and went back to school part time (then took a job with the government). Then I became a mediator and opened a mediation and consulting business.
When writing a book, what tools or exercises do you use to keep focused?
Dedicated time to actually write, otherwise life takes over and writing makes it’s way to the bottom of the pile of to do items. I also learned I am a way better talker than writer… so I talked my book. I recorded my whole book (me talking) then had it transcribed, and also used Dragon Speak.
What is your favorite part of speaking and going on tour?
Hands down… the people I meet, the relationships I build, and the opportunity to be so moved by the stories of the people I meet.
Is there a piece of advice or a quote that has inspired you?
I love Oscar Wilde who said “be yourself because everyone else is already taken” (although I recently heard he did not coin that quote). Whoever created this brilliance, I love it! As a formerly shy kid who never fit in… this quote reminds me every day that I don’t have to be someone else. I just have to be me.
What is your biggest business goal?
Right now it is to scale the business in even a bigger way. My overall guiding mission is to help one million people raise their dreams!
Have you had any setbacks that have made your business stronger or wiser?
Sooooooo many learning experiences and mistakes that turned into blessings. The things that have created setbacks are: jumping ahead without a plan, working alone instead of with other people (it takes a team to raise a dream) and trying to push the wrong goal uphill. When I am off purpose this is how it feels.
When you started your business, is there anything you know now that you wish you knew then?
Yes, I could write ten books on this. I would have asked for help sooner and built my team earlier on.
What do you consider to be your greatest achievement to date?
Being able to design a life I love, working with people I adore and who we bring out the best in each other, and being married to my best friend for 23 years.
What is your favorite business quote?
It takes a team to raise a dream! (By Rebecca and Charmaine)