You’ve probably heard that writing a book can help your business, but that can raise so many questions. How exactly does a book grow my business? Where would I fit in the time to write one? What is my best option for publishing?

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What is your book called? Do you have more than one?

I have several books:

Why did you decide to write a book?

I first decided to publish a story about my dog Toby in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book.  A publisher later saw my work and connected with me.  After a lengthy conversation she said “that story needs to be a book.”  Over the next few years that followed, Bettie Youngs Books then published my books, starting with On Toby’s Terms.
On Toby's Terms

You are a busy entrepreneur!  How did you fit in the time for writing a book?

Setting time aside to write was extremely important for me (or there would be no book).  I discovered that I am a much better story teller verbally and “talked my book”.  I wrote my book by using Dragon Speak software, a voice recognition program that typed the words I said.  We then cleaned it up and edited it before sending the chapters to my book editor. She immediately noticed the difference between the first few chapters (that were written by me simply typing my stories) vs the “talking my book” approach.  We decided that the whole book would be written in that way.  Talking my book worked for me.

What was your business model before the book?  Has the book changed this?  If so, how?

I have had several businesses, Hammond International Inc. has been my primary business since 1997.  I speak and train corporately on communication, conflict resolution and collaboration.  My writing became a way of sharing my knowledge with my audiences through ebooks, booklets and other small book products.

In addition,  I also co-own Raise a Dream with Rebecca Kirstein, we help authors, speakers and entrepreneurs raise their dreams, launch their books and projects through collaboration, partnership and sponsorship.  We know that writing a book is a dream for many people… and we help make that dream a reality.

How has the book leveraged you and/or your business to greater success and increased its reputation?  If so, how?

My book has helped me secure speaking engagements (in the corporate world, at schools, conferences, women’s events, service clubs and author events and conference).  It has helped me secure a different level of credibility and be recognized as an expert in new industries. Being a best selling author has also secured many media opportunities.

My book was the main way I started securing sponsorship for my books, speaking and business in general.  From having marketing, printing of banners and book marks, some of my travel, event venue and food/refreshments and more sponsored.  It’s a great way to launch a book, do a speaking/book tour, and get your message into the hands of readers around the world.

What advice would you give to a business owner or professional who is sitting on the fence about writing a book?

If this is a dream or a goal, set time aside every day, even if only 15 minutes.  Find out what way you write best (talking your book, typing your book, writing outside or inside, writing in the morning vs evening).  Keep a writing journal close by at all times… sometimes your best ideas develop at the strangest times or places.

Remember your book may be what changes someone’s life in a profound way.  Just start 🙂