You’ve probably heard that writing a book can help your business, but that can raise so many questions. How exactly does a book grow my business? Where would I fit in the time to write one? What is my best option for publishing?

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What is your book called? Do you have more than one?

Head Over Heels: A Yogi’s Guide to Dating. Yes, this is my second book! The first is called Wit and Wisdom from the Yoga Mat.

Head Over Heels

Why did you decide to write a book?

I entered the dating ring, and started sharing stories with my yoga class about how much I was practicing yoga while swiping on Tinder. They loved it and really resonated with the material. After all, we can all relate to being ghosted on, being rejected or getting those first date tingles. I started to realize that there was so much to share. Blogs and reflections turned into a book.

You are a busy entrepreneur! How did you fit in the time for writing a book?

Ha ha! Not easily! It took four years. I had to really discipline myself for the last six months to get it out.

What was your business model before the book? Has the book changed this? If so, how?

Not really. The book for me is not really about the sales, but about the sharing. I put it out there and am active on social media. But I’m not really trying to make money as much as use the book as a tool for storytelling and connection.

How has the book leveraged you and/or your business to greater success and increased its reputation?

I think that a book seems to give someone a bit of legitimacy, but my work as a yoga teacher isn’t really so directly linked to the book. I hope it serves my students, that’s it.

What advice would you give to a business owner or professional who is sitting on the fence about writing a book?

Get clear about your WHY. That is what will sustain you in the dark hours. If your why speaks to your heart, then do it.