You’ve probably heard that writing a book can help your business, but that can raise so many questions. How exactly does a book grow my business? Where would I fit in the time to write one? What is my best option for publishing?

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What is your book called? Do you have more than one?

The Financially Empowered Woman (2014), Let’s Go Outside: Designing the Early Childhood Playground (1999), and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Hospital (1994).

the financially empowered woman

Why did you decide to write a book?

I had a personal desire to share my professional knowledge and wisdom and to broaden my reach, to build recognition of my name and company, to have a take-away document from the numerous classes we teach and for the people we can’t work with directly at our business, Sophia Financial Group.

You are a busy entrepreneur! How did you fit in the time for writing a book?

I took a month and worked from home and I had a great guide (Maggie!!)

What was your business model before the book? Has the book changed this? If so, how?

The book augmented our education offerings for education, raised our profile in the marketplace, and established us as credible experts in our field.

How has the book leveraged you and/or your business to greater success and increased its reputation?

It helped me get better speaking engagements. The awards built our reputation, the marketing helped us gain wider recognition in a crowded field, and the information helped thousands of women gain knowledge (a strong business value).

What advice would you give to a business owner or professional who is sitting on the fence about writing a book?

  1. Know your objectives. If it is creative expression, that is a worthwhile goal, while building a business may dictate a different set of processes. It is a very time-consuming project. You will need strong motivators along the way so be thoughtful upfront.
  2. Set your ego aside. Other than making you feel good (or perhaps even … bad) what will it actually achieve for you?
  3. Get assistance. Don’t re-create the wheel. If it is a serious goal, then invest in it the way you would a capital project … thoughtfully and seriously.