By Charmaine Hammond, MA, BA, CSP

The previous blog spoke to the power of pre-written introductions that showcase your expertise so you can make it easy for people to introduce and connect you to potential clients and prospects.  Part 2 will focus on two other strategies to build business and revenue.

2) Update your LinkedIn Profile. Your profile on LinkedIn should be updated regularly. Add new experiences, post and write articles on LinkedIn regularly, engage in discussion groups and on other people’s posts, and, ensure that your profile has all necessary information about you and your expertise. Make it easy for people to find you by using keywords, and, explaining your expertise in different sections of the LinkedIn Profile. Ask people you have worked for to provide you with LinkedIn recommendations, in fact, this should be part of your business system requesting recommendations when you have completed working for the client.

3) Share examples highlighting your expertise in social media, your blogs, in your presentations and webinars, articles and on media. People remember stories, and stories connect people. Examples are a great way to help people understand what you do and who you serve.

These three strategies can help you create systems for ease in your business and increase your business opportunities through sharing what you know with who you know.