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Pamela Chatry’s Woman in the Spotlight Dinners are top notch. I appreciate Pamela’s ability to gather a professional group of like-minded business women who are all interested in connecting, learning and growing. Her speakers are powerful and they provide a wonderful blend of real-world business insights with personal heartfelt stories that every woman in business can relate to. It’s nice to know there is a community of high-caliber women to connect with in Vancouver.

Michela Quilici
MQ Consulting and Business Training, Inc.

You are doing an amazing job with the Women in the Spotlight dinners. It’s networking without really feeling like you are networking because all of the women are engaged in participating. Everyone is made to feel welcome. On top of everything else, the speakers stories are inspirational. You leave feeling that you are not alone. Other women are going through or have gone through similar experiences. I will definitely continue to come.

Sandra Wright
President and Registered Trade-Mark Agent, Infuse Works Inc.

Event Information

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  • Thu

    Best Kept Secret to Success in Life, Love & Business

    The Varscona Hotel on Whyte
    8208 106 St NW, Edmonton, AB


    Pamela is thrilled to be the Emcee and a Presenter at this event. Her topic will be 'Not My Monkey, Not My Circus... Or is It?'

    Is your life like a 3-ring circus? Is it chaotic and full of distractions? Do you have ‘monkeys’ hanging around your neck or ‘clowns’ distracting you from being efficient, and your business making more money?

    Is your work constantly interrupted by email, social media, housework, or family or team members? At the end of the day, do you look back and feel like you accomplished little or nothing? Are you frustrated with a lack of progress in your business and want better revenues with increased profits?

    By attending this event and hearing Pamela speak, you will:

    • Hear a current ‘State-of-the-Nation’ up-date of women, self-employment and success statistics.
    • Identify the top ‘Monkeys’ that sabotage a woman’s life and business.
    • Prepare for the ‘Clowns’ who always want to drag you into their act.
    • Learn one simple trick that will help you to exercise conscious control over your time, day and choices.
    • Implement 3 easy steps (from successful CEO’s) into your routine that will give you reason to celebrate at the end of each day and add more money to your business bank account.
    • Enjoy the joy and wonder of an organized life and business once again.

    Best Kept Secret to Success events provide access, connection, clarity, community, collaboration, knowledge and resources to entrepreneurs who are passionate, driven, and ready for change in their life, love and business. What makes these events different is that they ensure accountability, implementation and results before, during and after attending. This is not shelf help, it’s a hands-on two-day event that will cut through obstacles and inspire real change.

    If you are a smart, passionate and driven entrepreneur or small business owner who has big plans to push your business and life forward. If you are determined to live the life you’ve dreamed of, and see wild success in your business. If you are tired of being the best kept secret in spite of all you do. Then this event is for you!



My 17-year-old daughter was absolutely stunned at the quality of the speakers at your recent Women in the Spotlight event. She was over the moon with excitement when she got home, and has continued to refer to this evening almost daily since, as well as quoting stories and experiences that were told. She has begun to position herself to aspire to become an inspiration to others. Thank you so much Pamela for organizing such a successful and impactful event!!

Holly Williams